Effective Solution for Tracto-Technik by EKD Systems: Steel Energy Chains

Customer: Tracto-Technik from Lennestadt

Activities at TRACTO-TECHNIK

TRACTO-TECHNIK operates in the field of horizontal drilling technology, particularly in the supply of drill rods and the feed movement of the drilling carriage. The customer develops specialized machinery and accessories for underground pipeline installation and renewal - without excavation.

Previous Situation

Controllable drilling technology is a complex process that places diverse demands on machine technology. This intensive challenge is overcome through the development of the GRUNDODRILL generation by TRACTO-TECHNIK, where, according to the customer, every detail was questioned and every component rethought. This groundbreaking concept is designed to provide maximum flexibility and productivity in controlled trenchless pipe laying. It is a forward-thinking combination of innovative technology, relying on Energy Chain Technology (EKD), and favouring our steel chains. Fully aligned with the motto: "simple & easy," as stated by our customer from TRACTO-TECHNIK. Before the implementation of EKD Systems' steel energy chains, plastic energy chains from another manufacturer were used. These proved not to be robust enough for the requirements of TRACTO-TECHNIK.

Contract Awarded to EKD Systems

The customer's choice of EKD Systems' steel energy chains is primarily based on their uncompromising quality. The robustness and effectiveness of these steel chains is valued and well-known in the market, among professionals, and within expert circles. TRACTO chose EKD Systems because of the balanced ratio between value and performance, expert consultation, and continuous support from our experts. Our technical specialists were in constant communication with the customer's engineers to ensure that the solutions were optimally tailored to our customer's specific requirements.

Requirements for the Plant/Machine

The energy chains were installed on a mobile drilling rig of the GRUNDODRILL generation, used for controllable horizontal trenchless pipe laying. The machine operates under astonishing and extreme conditions, with rotations and strong vibrations that the EKD steel chains must withstand. Multiple energy chains were used for different travel paths to ensure smooth operation.

Deployed Energy Chains

For TRACTO-TECHNIK's specific requirements, the following EKD energy chains made of steel were chosen: types SLP 520, SLP 220, and SLP 120. The largest energy chain extends over a length of 4 meters, while the two SLP 220 chains have lengths of 1.5 and 2 meters. The smallest energy chain, on the other hand, had a length of just over 80 cm. Additionally, the steel chains were asked to be visually matched to the machine and therefore coated with black, corrosion-resistant material.

Advantages of the Energy Chains Used

Our steel energy chains effortlessly tackle the task at hand. Their implementation has brought robustness and stability to the plant, allowing the machine to operate safely while keeping the lines protected. Another benefit was the ability to supply the energy chains with a black, corrosion-resistant coating, which not only met functional requirements but also matched aesthetic design specifications. Using steel chains does not limit the plant's functionality and flexibility in any way and it is as effective as using a plastic chain. Furthermore, the use of EKD steel chains has a significantly positive effect and clearly contributes to extending the overall lifespan of the plant, as the corrosion-resistant chains provide the lines with significantly more protection against harsh external influences. The significant protection and maximization of the plant's lifespan through the use of our robust steel chains is evidence of their superior "Made in Germany" quality. As the HELUKABEL Group, we are proud to be the only ones producing and offering cables, energy chains, and systems completely from a single source.

Results and Benefits for the Customer

Customer Satisfaction

TRACTO-TECHNIK is extremely satisfied with EKD Systems' solution. The stability of the steel energy chains and the consideration of their design preferences have led to a positive experience. The direct, fast, and uncomplicated collaboration between the two companies' development departments contributed to the solution being implemented quickly and efficiently. Our experts were available from the bidding to commissioning phase. The competence and speed with which we acted significantly contributed to fully satisfying our customer. The combination of first-class performance and fair pricing was a significant factor in our customers' positive response.

This case illustrates the technical effectiveness of EKD Systems' energy management solutions and emphasizes the importance of competitiveness, consulting expertise, and customer satisfaction. This is what EKD stands for.

Customer Benefits ✅

✅ High-quality steel energy chains provide relentlessly higher resilience compared to the previous plastic chains under extreme operating conditions, resulting in the significantly extended lifespan.

✅ Various chain types and lengths (from 80cm to over 4 meters) allow for versatile customization options.

✅ Providing an energy chain with black corrosion-resistant coating adds additional aesthetic versatility and aligns with the customer's corporate identity.

✅ “Single Source” supplier and attractive price-performance ratio.

✅ Fast processing and competent advice, accompanied by continuous support from our experts.

✅ High satisfaction through meeting technical requirements and aesthetic design preferences.

The collaboration between Tracto Technik and EKD Systems once again demonstrates how the careful analysis of operational parameters, coupled with the variety of materials available for Energy Chain Systems, leads to optimal outcomes. Whether it's Steel or Plastic Energy Chains, EKD Systems always prioritizes customer benefit.
Thomas Ameis (CTO) - EKD Systems

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Customer and Problem Statement: Tracto-Technik is a specialist in underground pipe laying and required more robust energy chains than the previous plastic chains.

Solution by EKD Systems: EKD Systems provided steel energy chains, customized to fit the machine and coated in black. The chains offered more protection and durability for the cables.

Customer Satisfaction and Competitive Advantages: Tracto-Technik was highly satisfied with the quality, price, and consultation provided by EKD Systems. The steel chains met the technical and aesthetic requirements of the customer. EKD Systems is the sole provider offering cables and energy chains in one package.