EKD Systems

  • founded in 1970, since 2022 member of the HELUKABEL Group
  • EKD Systems: 57 employees in sales, marketing, engineering, production
  • HELUKABEL Group: 2.200 employees, 1084 mio. turnover *last Year
  • HELUKABEL is represented in 39 countries with 63 locations
EKD Systems GmbH

Competence in Energy Chains

part of the HELUKABEL Group

year of foundation
Global Locations

EKD Systems is a manufacturer of energy chains. A wide range of energy chains and energy chain systems, which provides the standard of energy chains in steel and plastic up to plug inspeciality products and tailormade solutions with cables, connectors and mounting kits for every application.

The service spectrum ranges from the selection and design of appropriate energy chains, electrical and hose lining to final assembly and commissioning on site.

In addition to standardizised series products in steel and plastics special products are a priority of the ekd product range, which are designed and made of materials in accordance to customers requirements.This product range contents the energy chain itself up to energy chain components and plug and play ready complete systems, which are named as energy chain systems.