Chains and systems for all industries and applications

Kolibri standard chain

The Kolibri is the inexpensive energy chain for light weight applications. Due to the integrated plastic connector additional mounting parts are not needed.

Applications: robots, handling technology, materials handling, paper machinery, textile machinery etc.

Data sheet: Kolibri

Plastic combi chain PKK

The PKK combines all the advantages of energy chains to one system:
The PKK can be shortened and lengthened without tools, opened, extended and closed.

Applications for robots, in handling technology, in tools and textile machines etc.

Data sheet: PKK

Plastic link PLE

The PLE with aluminium stays is cheaper and lighter than the steel chain. In sliding applications the chain can be successively used in strokes up to 100 m.

Applications: machine tools, handling equipment, handling and lifting, etc.

Data sheet: PLE

Steel link chain SLE

The SLE is available in steel, stainless steel and in hardened version. It can be supplied with hole stays (SLE and SLA), foam stays (SLS) and plastic dividers (SLP) and tube stays (SLR).
Industrial applications include machine tools, mills, special machines, wood machinery, and much more.

Data sheet: SLE

Large chain GKA

The GKA is used for large quantities of cables and hoses with large external diameters, as well as self-supporting lengths up to 18 m. The chain is also available in stainless steel quality V4A as well as in special versions.

Applications: mills, offshore, large machine tools and so on.

Data sheet: GKA

Steel tube SFK

The closed steel shell of SFK offers cables and hoses good protection against hot chips, welding spatter and sparks.

The SFK is prooved in short travel distances and at low stroke rates in machine tools, special purpose machines and many other applications.

Data sheet: SFK

Plastic tube PFR

The PFR is suitable for short travels. Due to the closed design, a good optical effect is achieved. The tube is easy to shorten and lengthen.
The metal coated tube is optimally for use in the field of hot chips, weld spatter or sparks.

Applications: machine tools, welding machines, metal processing, etc.

Data sheet: PFR