EKD Systems Energy chains for Karl Deutsch ultrasonic testing systems

Task or Initial Situation

Karl Deutsch is a renowned manufacturer of ultrasonic testing systems, including the Echograph SNHF used for ultrasonic testing of high-frequency welded pipes. EKD Systems has been awarded the contract to deliver a customized solution - energy chains or cable carrier systems - for an inspection system built by Karl Deutsch. The specific requirements of this system call for optimized cable management in tight installation spaces. It is also essential to ensure that the machine is capable of conducting precise measurements even during extended travel distances and at high speeds.

The Idea & Solution

Karl Deutsch's ultrasonic testing system is equipped with sensitive measuring devices that require a low-vibration environment to ensure precise measurements. To achieve this, stable and low-vibration energy chains are necessary to avoid measurement distortions. EKD Systems has developed PLE energy chains, which are hybrid chains with aluminum links, capable of providing smooth and precise transmission of forces and movements.In this particular case, the energy chains have been equipped with glide elements on the inner radius to reduce driving forces.

By using this chain model, a secure and consistent performance could be ensured. The robust aluminum links and the multiple locking system in the joints provide additional stability and secure cable guidance. This combination of features ensures a vibration-free and reliable operation of the ultrasonic testing system, allowing for accurate measurements even during long travel distances and at high speeds.

Customized solutions for tight installation spaces

Karl Deutsch's ultrasonic testing system has a travel distance of 27 meters with a travel speed of 2 meters per second. To enable optimal use of the limited installation space, EKD Systems created a customized energy chain system or cable carrier system.

This solution included a customer-specific guiding trough that seamlessly integrated into the existing structure. The unique design of the energy chain allowed for efficient use of space and optimized cable routing, resulting in smooth and reliable operation of the inspection system.

Effective assembly with a special assembly drum

After setting up the machine, it was disassembled into components for transportation to the customer. The energy chain from EKD Systems was pre-assembled with cables and wound onto a specially provided assembly drum. This facilitated a quick and efficient assembly process at the customer's site, saving time and effort. The assembly drum was provided specifically for this purpose to simplify the chain installation and ensure a seamless assembly process.

Result & Customer Benefits

As a result of the collaboration with EKD Systems, Karl Deutsch received a custom-made energy chain precisely tailored to its specific requirements. The customer benefited from a robust and low-vibration energy chain that enabled precise transmission of forces and movements. The specially adapted guiding trough facilitated the assembly and integration of the chain into the existing structure. The provided assembly drum allowed for an efficient and time-saving installation at the customer's site.

In summary, the customer obtained a first-class solution that maximized customer benefits through optimal performance, straightforward assembly, and tailored customization. The collaboration with EKD Systems ensured that Karl Deutsch's ultrasonic testing system could operate smoothly and reliably, even in tight installation spaces, meeting their specific needs with high-quality and efficient engineering solutions.

Customer Benefits ✅

✅ Precise measurements without distortions are made possible by low-vibration energy chains that ensure accurate force and motion transmission.

✅ Cost savings through longevity

✅ Increased efficiency during assembly through the use of an assembly drum leads to reduced downtime.

✅ Our customer benefited from a custom-made energy cable carrier tailored precisely to their specific requirements. As a result, they can achieve higher performance in an even shorter amount of time.