System Marathon for PLTU Barru Indonesia


Ensuring a stable energy supply for coal transportation at our customer PLTU Barru was the primary focus. Special attention was given to the efficient unloading of coal from ships through the optimization of ship unloaders.

Our Approach

We developed a precise plan for PLTU Barru to significantly increase operational efficiency with minimal downtime. Our customized "System Marathon" energy management solution was specifically designed for this challenge.

This system smoothly met the requirements of PLTU Barru and provided a reliable power supply for the enhanced operations of the ship coal unloaders, ensuring a smooth flow of coal transportation.

Installation and Progress

Collaborating with PLTU Barru had long-lasting effects. The installation was highly efficient – the first unloader was replaced within four days, and the second within two days after the contractor made adjustments. A hybrid energy conveyor chain of Type PLP with an inner width of 154 mm, a bending radius of 300 mm, and a length of over 36 meters was used. Swiftly resolving technical challenges demonstrated our commitment to execution.

The installation primarily focused on a 70-meter stretch, highlighting practical solutions for customer needs.


The PLTU Barru story represents more than just a report; it symbolizes innovation, expertise, and partnership.

Our "System Marathon" energy management solution, an extremely successful project, significantly improved coal handling energy efficiency. The benefits for the customer include:

Customer Benefits ✅

✅ The system has been designed for long-term operation without major repairs or maintenance, which can lead to cost savings, reduced labor, and increased reliability.

✅ Mechanical linkage means that devices are physically connected to each other without the need for special synchronization.